Frequently Asked Questions

We’re always looking to answer customers questions without having to take any valuable time out of our customer’s busy lives. Therefore, we have tried to bundle together some of our most asked questions we get. If your question isn’t here, you can contact a member of the team here.


How do I take CBD Oil?
The following dosage instructions are a suggestion; they do not act as a substitute for professional medical advice.

For internal usage we recommend the guide below to build up the dosage slowly:

Week 1: 1 Drop Morning and Evening under the tongue.
Week 2: 2/3 Drops Morning and Evening under the tongue.
Week 3: 3/4 Drops Morning and Evening under the tongue.

If you find during week 2 or 3 that the CBD is too much for you, reduce the dosage to the previous week, and you have found your required dosage.
Is shipping free?
For all UK orders shipping is free. We send all UK orders with myHermes UK as their tracking and insurance options are brilliant and put our customers first.
Will you be expanding your range of CBD products?
We are always working to look for new ways to consume or use CBD products; our current product range covers all ways to administer CBD.
What payments platform do you use?
We have two Debit/Credit Card processing terminals provided by VivaPayments and Paytriot Payments. Extensive research has been put into our payment systems to ensure security and also reliability.
What is your most popular product?

We sell the majority of our products in very similar amounts. However, the 500mg CBD Oil is by far our most popular.