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Damon Hague – Former Professional World Boxing Champion

Damon Hague who is known for being a former two times two weight world boxing champion. Former Midland Area Champion, Pan European and WBF Middle/Super-Middleweight, also a world-class indoor cyclist. Damon is regarded as one of the UK’s prime professional athletes. Damon is a champion of two sports, boxing and cycling. Just before Damon’s retirement, it is believed that he took his pro career very seriously.

Damon, who is a Christian, offered to review our own CBD oils, through his own kind nature. In light of hearing the optimistic benefits that CBD oil had on your body, Damon could not resist giving our CBD oil to someone who really needs it and it came with positive results. Damon who was very impressed with the results and has endorsed CBD Sure Health. Damon is currently reviewing some of the other products we have on sale. Damon’s opinion matters as it is an honest and reliable opinion. Damon’s endorsements are a valued one to the CBD Sure Health team.

John Carr – Ex Army Soldier, 13 year at Doncaster Toll Bar Rugby

John Carr loves our CBD Products as they have been very lucrative for him over the course of his last year playing Rugby League. CBD assisted Carr in all aspects of health & wellness.

Jane Couch, MBE – Ex 5 x Professional World Boxing Champion

Jane Couch, MBE, a women’s 5x World Boxing Champion is a real-life living legend. Jane is the first female licensed BBBC boxer in the UK. Jane’s achievements in the ring are outstanding and her actions speak for themselves. Jane is a true professional and also a wonderful person who was appointed a Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE), for everything Jane has done. Jane, a great believer in the wonders of CBD, came to us online because one Jane’s friends had been diagnosed with cancer, Jane wanted to test CBD so she bought some from the site for her friend. She also got some CBD vapes from us for another friend who was ill to take alongside their treatment programmes. Jane knows the power of CBD and she has no shame in passing the word on about the benefits. Jane believes CBD should be used whether to treat an illness, building health or using it for our general well-being. Jane Couch, MBE, endorses CBD Sure Health, an endorsement we treasure from such a high-profile athlete and such a special person. We, the CBD Sure Health team, thank you, Jane.

Robin Reid – Olympic Bronze Medalist & Ex Professional World Boxing Champion

Robin Reid a former Bronze medallist Olympian and a 3x World Boxing Champion held the WBC, IBO, WBF, Super middleweight titles in his 22-year professional boxing career. Robin came to us looking for pain relief for his mother’s arthritis. We provided Robin’s mother with 500mg CBD Oil to ease her pain. Robin has told us that his mother has had positive results with the CBD oil and she is seeing all the benefits.

Robin who has his own healthcare range has decided to help us bring CBD to the forefront of sports. Robin is celebrating his healthcare MULTIVITs, which he designed for health performance and the recovery. With using CBD Sure Health products as well, athletes and people needing help with improving their performance or bringing themselves back to full health can do this again.

At CBD Sure Health we fully endorse MULTIVITs for having great health and wellness benefits. Just like Robin fully endorses CBD Sure Health for helping his mother ease her pain caused by arthritis with our CBD Sure Health oils and we the team at CBD Sure Health would like to thank you, Robin.

Wayne Pinder – Ex Professional World Boxing Champion

Wayne Pinder is a former WBF middleweight boxing champion, beating nearly all of his opponents. He was a tremendous talent and still going strong before he retired due to his family commitments. Wayne endorses CBD Sure Health because one of his friends had used CBD oil daily and was explaining to Wayne all the benefits. Wayne’s friend referred him to our website and he has seen the benefits for himself. Here at CBD Sure Health, we would like to thank Wayne.