CBD Sure Health was incorporated on the 19 June 2018. Our Managing Director (Mitchell Butterfield) wanted to set-up a trusted & reliable service online for the United Kingdom. 

What is CBD Oil?

CBD Oil is a product derived from the Cannabis plant. CBD stands for cannabidiol.

Do you get high?

No, although you may feel more relaxed you are not intoxicated. CBD does not alter the psycho-activity of the human brain.

Cannabis plant breeders are growing more CBD dominant plants.

Professional horticulturists are now devoting their time to growing CBD rich cannabis. This will enable technicians to extract higher doses of CBD from the plant.

Managing Director – Mitchell Butterfield


Contender Fight Academy

Contender Fight Academy was our first sponsorship. With a lot of support from customers and wanted to try and introduce CBD to the sports, health and wellbeing sector. 

Garry from Contender Fight Academy was interested as he believed it may benefit him with recovery after the gym. Now Garry fully endorses CBD and promotes it within his gym.